Executive team

European members of a strategic team advising the Mundipharma network of independent associated companies are:

Alberto Martinez
President and CEO

Chris Surridge
Senior Vice President Business and Strategy

Benoit Slavicek
Vice President Commercial Excellence

Marco Cerato
Senior Vice President Global Corporate and Business Development

Birgit Kudlek
Global SVP (Ex-US) Technical Operations

Philippe Mazas
Chief Information Officer

Anna Kjellberg
European Director of People and Business Transformation

Miguel Coego
Vice President Finance, Europe

Alasdair Moodie
European General Counsel

Neil Trueman
Chief International IP Counsel

Hywel Day
General Manager, Napp Pharmaceuticals

Francois Bernard
General Manager, France, Switzerland, Austria and CEE

Javier Alvarado Garcia
General Manager, Spain and Portugal

Sabrina Cremascoli
General Manager, Italy

Brian Sheehan
Senior Vice President Innovation

James Leighton-Scott
Senior Vice President Medical