Alliance culture

Successful business partnerships don’t happen by accident. As a global network of independent associated companies, we never underestimate the focus and commitment necessary to make alliance partnerships work for the long-term.

On a practical level, this means we invest in developing collaborative skills and attributes in all our employees across the Mundipharma network. All of our partner-facing colleagues complete formal alliance training as part of their ongoing professional development. We also appoint a trained, dedicated, Alliance Manager to each alliance throughout its lifecycle to remove barriers to successful collaboration and to support our operational teams in their efforts to deliver the best possible outcomes.

We believe alliance management should begin even before a partnership is formally executed, because the earlier we can understand our potential partner’s collaboration and corporate development objectives – as well as its culture and ways of working – the more effectively we can build our business alliance. We will bring together cross-functional teams to prepare the ground for day one – a process that includes identifying team members, setting appropriate internal governance structures and managing the relationship.

Once the collaboration is formally under way, all our actions and decisions are driven by the overriding objective of maintaining a strong and successful relationship – one that enables both partners to achieve their goals.