Our approach
to alliances

Most pharmaceutical companies operate through alliance partners and the larger multinationals will typically bring a multitude of business alliances on board in any given year, however, with many being allowed to fall by the wayside. As a network we take a different approach. The Mundipharma global network of independent associated companies believes that every alliance partner and every medicine we work with deserves our full commitment, so as a network we aim to establish no more than a handful of agreements each year.

Our alliances are long-term arrangements, typically 10 years or more, based on high levels of interaction and transparency in the way information is shared. While we do focus on our four core therapy areas of pain, respiratory, oncology and biosimilars, we are also flexible when it comes to the therapy areas we engage in. If the network does not have an existing business unit in place and wants to engage in a new therapy area, it will build infrastructure to support the sourcing of new assets.

Before embarking on a new alliance we do our homework: asking questions and challenging perceptions, with the aim of finding opportunities both “home run” assets as well as opportunities that might previously have been undervalued or overlooked. For example, could the medicine meet patient needs more cost-effectively than existing solutions? Or are there new markets that could be accessed via the Mundipharma network?

From an alliance partner’s perspective, our core appeal lies in the network’s ability to identify potential in medicines and then work collaboratively to accelerate their release. As a business founded by physicians, we remain highly attuned to the rapidly evolving primary and secondary healthcare landscapes and, in particular, to the opportunities for value creation this presents. We have the commitment and resources to back our judgment and stay the course for the long-term.