Meet our people: Amy Goodwin

Amy is Head of Reward & Wellbeing at Mundipharma International Limited. In this role she has helped create an employee rewards program that gives our people full control over their benefits. The focus of flexibility through reward and wellbeing has also enabled Amy to pursue her rural passions in the glorious Cambridgeshire countryside.

Q: Why is it important for companies to offer flexible employee benefits programs?

A: In my career I have learned that – when it comes to employee benefits – there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. At Mundipharma, we empower people to make independent choices, whether in their day-to-day roles or when making decisions about how to get the most from our flexible benefits scheme.

Q: How does this scheme work in practice?

A: Instead of being handed a predetermined benefits package, whether it suits your lifestyle or not, every employee is allocated an annual flexible benefits ‘pot’, which they can use to build a set of rewards that suits their individual wants and needs. They can change their choices each year as their goals and priorities change. Our online flexible benefits portal is user friendly and can be accessed at home, so employees can discuss their options with their families if they wish. We took a lot of time to gather colleagues’ ideas and suggestions to ensure we offer benefits that are relevant.

Q: Give us an idea of the kind of benefits that are available?

A: We offer family dental and optical plans, and private medical and critical illness insurance just to name a few. The uptake has been fantastic with 96% of employees engaging with personal choices. To complement the suite of benefits we also have a recent innovation of an online financial wellbeing service, which offers help to people who want to understand more about making major financial decisions, for example around pensions or mortgages. The service is designed to help people when they are making their annual flexible benefits choices but also it prompts you with changes in the financial world and media in real time. Our people can also get help with everyday things such as household budgeting and saving for personal goals such as holidays or children’s university fees.

We wanted to provide this because Mundipharma recognizes that financial wellbeing is incredibly influential on people’s personal or working lives day to day. This is something I haven’t come across before and I believe it sets Mundipharma apart from other companies.

Q: How does the focus on reward and wellbeing at Mundipharma work for your specific needs?

A: Like a number of my colleagues, I live in the countryside on the outskirts of Cambridge. For me, a key priority is to balance my working hours with my rural hobbies, which include looking after my chickens and keeping bees. Mundipharma recognizes that many of us want to avoid rush-hour traffic so we have core working hours to 8:30–16:30 which allow me to get home in good time.

Q: Is this rural lifestyle a big factor in you choosing to work in Cambridge?

A: I adore the mix of city job and rural life. Cambridge is just a short journey from my home and, in the city, I can find everything from sports and fitness classes to shopping and theatre, plus I regularly head into the city center on a Friday evening to go out for dinner with friends. I can easily include sports after work and still head home to the countryside in good time.

I am proud to work in such an exciting and scientifically driven environment.