Our medicines

Proud of our heritage;
focused on the future

Across the Mundipharma global network of independent associated companies, we have a strong track record of providing medicines that meet real-world patient needs. Often, we have been successful by looking beyond the traditional areas of focus for pharmaceutical companies. We are never afraid to explore needs that have been overlooked by others.

Our approach has enabled us to become global leaders in the field of pain management. We are now committed to using the same patient-focused methodology to make medicines available across our core areas of expertise – pain, respiratory, oncology and biosimilars.

While a deep understanding of individual patient needs informs everything we do, we also strive to broaden our appreciation of the challenges healthcare providers face in trying to fulfil their responsibilities to society as a whole. Our response to these challenges includes a fast-growing presence in established brands and cost-effective biosimilars, which are suited to the constrained budgets of modern healthcare systems.

This section outlines our current therapy areas and portfolio of medicines, primarily in relation to the Mundipharma network across Europe. It also gives more information about our future strategies for each therapy area, and explains how we are working to achieve these strategies.