In our quest to find better solutions in asthma, the Mundipharma global network of independent associated companies continues to invest in research into patient needs to identify and shape new ways of helping people with asthma to recognize, understand and better manage their condition and lead fuller lives. Gathering real-world data gives us the insight we need to develop new treatment options.

Working together with leading respiratory experts, we initiated the REALISE™ (REcognise Asthma and LInk to Symptoms and Experience) survey to uncover some of the underlying reasons for sub-optimal asthma control in Europe. REALISE™ was one of the largest surveys of its kind and was conducted across 11 European countries in 8,000 people with asthma aged 18–50 who use social media. A number of psychological factors were shown to affect a patient’s experience of asthma, such as identity, recognition of symptoms, confidence in disease management and perceptions towards inhaler use, highlighting the significant yet underestimated role patient attitudes and behaviors play in asthma management.

We are very proud of the differences being made to patients’ lives. By continuing to listen to the needs of all stakeholders, we can help find and develop real-world solutions for better breathing. The continued success and future of respiratory at Mundipharma will be driven by a heightened focus on understanding and recognising differences in attitudes and behaviors, including the important role that the choice of device can make to patient acceptance and adherence, and on collaboration with the medical community and patient groups. Together, we can enable significant advances towards improving disease management and facilitate the development of tailored asthma management strategies, with patients’ needs at the center.

European respiratory medicines

Please note that the medicines mentioned may not be available in all countries. Additionally, currently approved indications and presentations may differ between countries. Please always ask a healthcare professional for advice regarding medicines and refer to individual countries for full product indication and local prescribing information.